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15 - 29 inch Touch/3m: 3M, M1700SS, LCD, Touchscreen, USB, /, 17"/, 4:3/, 1280, x, 1024/, 800:1/, Capacitive, Single, Touch, Panel/, VGA,

3M M1700SS LCD Touchscreen USB / 17"/ 4:3/ 1280 x 1024/ 800:1/ Capacitive Single Touch Panel/ VGA

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The 3M MicroTouch Display M1700SS (17"), a purpose-built, surface capacitive touch display, provides a cost-competitive touch alternative to 5-wire resistive display solutions. The display offers a stable base, highly durable touch screen, brilliant optics and a hidden cable management system, all in an elegant and simple-to-use design. This display easily integrates into numerous point-of-sale, PC, and thin client systems making it ideal for applications requiring long life, 24/7 uptime, and the assurance of a 3-year (unlimited touches) warranty. Activated only by human touch, the M1700SS display eliminates inadvertent or false touches from jewelry, clothing, or handheld objects.

  • All-Glass, One-Layer Solution
  • 3M ClearTek Hard Coat
  • Total Touch Solution

  • Last updated: Saturday, 11 July 2020


    This product is sourced in Australia and carries a full Australian Manufacturers Warranty